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UK Stockists Database - Cellular Foam Building Plastics

The UK market for roof-line, soffits and fascias, cladding, boards, window-boards and trims leads the world. It's a sizable market, fast growing and full of opportunity. A market where the ability and knowledge to exploit fast changing channels of distribution is the key to market share growth and competitive advantage.

Whether you are a leader or a follower, keeping up with the changes and developing and maintaining a reliable, comprehensive database of stockists is a daunting task. Those who are ahead of the game already know this. Those who are following may never catch up if they spend scarce sales time and effort on research when they could be out there selling. Using a database, rather than building it.

The most comprehensive, carefully researched database of the market to date

This new stockists database could transform your sales and marketing.

We don't claim it's perfect or 100% complete - who could in such a fast moving market. We do claim it's the most comprehensive, up to date, carefully researched database of stockists in the market. It's the only commercially available, stockists database dedicated to this market and the information you need (see sample record).

The perfect sales tool

For example, say you want to identify Floplast stockists in the South West? You need their addresses, telephone and fax numbers and the person to contact. And you also want to know what other brands they stock. You might want to know what size they are. It could take the sales team forever to come up with the answers. Too long if you want reliable information for a marketing or sales campaign. Meanwhile they could be out there winning new accounts, and keeping customers happy. Or it could take you a few minutes on the PC.

Sometimes competitive advantage is a matter of moving faster, and more decisively than the competition - decisive because the information is good and readily available.

For selling, market and competitor analysis, or making acquisitions

Whether you sell to stockists, or you need to keep an eye on your competitors, and analyse opportunities, or whether you want to acquire some stockists, this database is for you.

Below is a sample record showing the information:

The UK Stockists Database is avaliable now

Please contact us for more details.


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