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Ad-hoc Research

Individual companies commission research on a great variety of issues. It costs more to commission ad hoc research, but knowledge is power.

The results are not shared with your competitors, and far more strategic issues can be addressed in the knowledge that penetrating analysis and insights are yours to put into action ahead of your competitors.

Research may be used to identify new opportunities, or establish clearly how decisions are taken, gain an insight into the effectiveness of your competitors or more ambitiously provide a basis for successfully re-segmenting the market.

Results may be translated into 'decision trees' which help your sales team decide what action to take, in a variety of situations, to keep existing customers or win new ones.

Some recent research projects for individual clients include:

  • Trade Fabricators - a study of productivity and production norms, profitability, pricing, growth, and the key factors for success in this important market.
  • Strategic Options for success in the Commercial Market
  • What's in a name - The launch of a new, leading profile system.
  • Fabricator needs: identifying and measuring what drives customers away from their supplier, and what binds them tight - the forces which operate to hold, win or lose customers. Getting to grips with the fundamentals, and the sometimes hidden forces of decision-making. What to do about it.
  • Cellular Foam - The Routes to Market.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Attitudes Study - what's important and how well you and your competitors measure up. Michael Rigby Associates specialises in these surveys.
“Perceptions turn into reality” -- Bishop Berkeley, the noted 18th Century philosopher

“Perception is reality” -- President J F Kennedy

Customers decide on the basis of their perception, not on your perception. The perceptions of prospects, who may not know you well, may lag behind the 'reality' of improvements you've made. But they take decisions on their reality, how they see things, not on yours. If you want to win, first see things as they see them. Put yourself in their shoes.

Take a reality check based on independent and objective research. You may be right in your assessment of how customers see you, but customers are more open and objective when talking to independent observers. And you may find you have to put things right before you can move ahead. Build your business on reality, not on wishful thinking, or how you'd like it to be.

Keep your business on course with cost effective, regular tracking studies of customer values and perceptions.

See how you are rated and how your competitors measure up, what your customers and prospects see as your strengths and weaknesses, and how your competitors compare.

Then work on the real opportunities for improvement, and build your competitive edge.

Interested in ad-hoc research for your company?

If so please contact us to discuss your requirements and interest.


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